Coaching support

All-Dai is focused on delivering inclusive, diverse training plans for all athletes that are suited to each individual’s needs and NDIS goals. These programs are developed for the following:

  • Primary school age 5-12 years old
  • High school age 13-17 years old
  • Young adults 18-25
  • Adults

Prior to starting, our team of coaches will sit down with you and discuss areas where support is required to ensure the program meets your NDIS goals and needs.

Each program will be specifically developed using 3 key criteria to support each individual.
These are:

Skill Development

- Hand-eye coordination
- Bilateral coordination
- Ball skills
- Agility

Physical Development

- Gross motor development – muscle control and coordination required for physical development in areas such as walking, running, jumping
- Fine motor development – building strength, coordination and dexterity in hands to support engagement in functional everyday activities
-Cognitive skills-building attention and concentration, planning and sequencing, and following instructions

Social Engagement

- Working in a team with the support of our coaches to build social skills
- Building social confidence
- Problem solving and reasoning
- Group participation and turn-taking

Using these 3 key criteria within an enjoyable learning environment will maximise participation and engagement for each person.

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