About us

We are a unique disability provider that incorporates sport specific skills, games, and movements to help improve participants physical, skill and social development based on their desired NDIS goals.

Our experienced staff members work holistically with each participants support network to create a fun, engaging and enjoyable sessions. Our staff members have a passion for coaching and mentoring on and off the court to help each participant reach their desired NDIS goals.


All-Dai’s key pillar values are Quality, Accountability and Equality. We strive to deliver on our values each and every session for each and every participant.


We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service, that together, deliver premium value to our customers and wider community.


We take ownership for the quality of our work and what we deliver as a team. Our focus is on a successful out for all.


We respect and value people of all backgrounds. Together, we create a more equal workplace.

boys at play
girl with large ball
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